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Cambo Members’ Weekend

Having got over our initial disappointment that we weren’t going to be able to finish off the work on a retaining wall begun by Stuart McDonald and 8 apprentices on the Friday, there being no earth to fill in the bed and not enough stones for covers, we got started on a further section of the car park wall, lining up with the trainees’ section. 

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Rait Games

Our stall at the Rait games in 2016 was a great success with members of the public showing considerable interest in our work, so we were happy to return this year and asked Steve Donne if he could come along again with his miniature walls.  These gave people the opportunity to try their skills at dry stone walling, but without the heavy lifting!

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Presentation of Long Service Award to Ian Dewar, May 2018

Presentation of Long Service Award

Fourteen members attended this event at Huntingtower Hotel to meet Ian Dewar again and honour his energy, breadth of vision and long commitment to dry stone walling. True, he set Central Scotland Branch on an active path. His remit was much wider, however. One of the founder members of DSWA, he set up an example which  other countries have followed and a framework of qualifications which still draws to the UK people concerned with promoting the craft and protecting  heritage. Richard Love, our Trustee on the DSWA board, summarised Ian’s  service.

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