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We were delighted to have the opportunity to promote the work of the Branch through a Public Engagement Day at Murton Nature Reserve.  We decided to call this day ‘Stonefest’, remembering past successful events under the same name.  Planning began several months beforehand and many hours were spent pouring over old photographs, choosing those which fitted in best to particular categories and thinking of appropriate captions.

Our power point presentation was revamped, examples of different types of stone were found and leaflets and books chosen for display.  All were set out in the large green shed for the day.

Ian helps a young visitor try his hand at mini-walling.

In addition Dorothy and Ian offered two types of mini-walling, opportunities, Kate A set out materials for people to test their skills building an inukshuk and Trish gave an on-going demonstration of how to build a wall. Kate T encouraged small children to try stone painting with colourful results.

One of the mini-walls.

Trish demonstrates how to build a wall.

The highlight of the day was an excellent presentation by David McGovern on his  work carving examples of Pictish stones

Examples of David McGovern’s Pictish stone carvings.

In spite of our best efforts few visitors to Murton ventured into the green shed. Most were parents with young children intent on visiting the farm and enjoying the excellent play facilities on offer.  A few did come along later to try their hand at stone painting and several watched Trish’s demonstration, while their children painted.

Young painters get to work.

Artistic creations

On the plus side we are well organised for any future displays or stalls at local fairs in the coming months.


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