South Mains – Training Course & Members’ Practice, August, 2019.

Trainees at the end of Day 1

The August weekend at South Mains was a glorious one.  With wall to wall sunshine, excellent building stone, with extra available on request, together with Daan and Kirsty’s wonderful cooking: morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea, what more could a group of wallers hope for?  I’m really sorry I missed it.

With only 4 trainees Stuart was able to give each one individual instruction and it was an impressive and well built section of wall which resulted.  One trainee had travelled from Nairn for the weekend, so news of Central Scotland Branch’s courses is spreading.

Stuart works with the trainees

Trainees wall looking good at first lift.

Not far from cope height.

While the trainees worked on a section close to the entrance, about half a dozen members worked at the other end, close to the house.  The group managed as best they could on the Saturday and were very pleased to see Gregor arrive on the Sunday to supervise the completing the section.

My apologies if some photos are over exposed, but with so much sunshine it was hard to achieve a darker finish! Who’s complaining!

Dorothy, Kate and Dann assessing the task

Lots of do here!

End of day 1 for members’ section.

Members’ completed another section. Looks good.

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