South Mains

We’ve been to South Mains farm near Forfar twice this year continuing working on the long stretch of wall from the entrance.  In June we completed 7 metres of wall and began to work on the next stretch.

Time for a chat.
Will this piece fit?
Sunny Sunday in June.
Just the copes to go.

In early September we completed this section and added a few more metres – 16 in total  during the year to add last year’s 6 metres, (we only went once then).  Everytime we were looking for stone, Daan appearing with another trolley load of good building stone.

Action on 1st Sept, 2018
Watching Gregor work things out.
Is it coffee time?
Concentrated effort by Sue.
Daan and Gregor coping together!
Sue and Gregor add the final touches.

As always Daan and Kirsty looked after us well providing a delicious vegetarian lunch as well as fresh coffee and tea and snacks morning and afternoon.  I didn’t feel exhausted at the end of the day, which I’m sure was as much to do with the excellent food as well as the easily managed stone.

Thanks to Gregor for leading us through each of the weekends and indeed to all those who took part.  It’s a great project in which to be involved.


All smiles – 9 metres completed.

Only another 20 metres to go before the field is truly secure for Daan’s sheep.

Next year we hope to run a training course at South Mains.


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