Cowden Japanese Garden

We arrived when the new and very imposing gates opened at 9.30. This much safer access from a small road behind the gardens is clearly signed. Our remit was to continue restoring an old overgrown and crumbled wall. Extra stone had been brought from their quarry site.  Sadly we had been unable to choose the stone and much of it was monstrous and covered in mud and we still had to barrow it to our work site.

Kate, Florence, Ian, Bob and I did our best finishing copes on last year’s work, clearing undergrowth and starting the final section. Despite the cold there was a constant flow of visitors to the garden and some wandered in our direction whereupon Kate did the publicity spiel and offered literature.

It was nice to see former members Willie Shand (our one time Gazette editor) and Grace Paterson.

Let’s hope that we have tranquil weather and lots of muscle on our next visit when we should get the job finished. (Trish Waite)

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