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Cambo Members’ Practice

The team sitting down at the end of day 1.

We were met with a fine day, not too warm, eight trusty wallers, and large amounts of nice stone looked out for us. A member of staff checked on our numbers for lunch, arranged as usual for 12.30, and another, a weekend volunteer who knew a bit about walling,  offered his services with a tractor for a short spell in case anything was needed. Gregor suggested moving some of the bigger stone down the wall a bit with the next stretch in prospect for September, and this was duly done. A good start!

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South Mains – Training Course & Members’ Practice

It was an enthusiastic bunch of eight trainees from all corners of our area and beyond, who arrived at South Mains for the first course of the year.  Kate welcomed the group and Stuart McDonald, instructor for the day, led them through the various stages of building a wall.  Daan had done a wonderful job of setting out pallets of stone at both sides of the wall and he and Kirsty continued to provide whatever was required throughout the day.

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Cowden Japanese Garden

We arrived when the new and very imposing gates opened at 9.30. This much safer access from a small road behind the gardens is clearly signed. Our remit was to continue restoring an old overgrown and crumbled wall. Extra stone had been brought from their quarry site.  Sadly we had been unable to choose the stone and much of it was monstrous and covered in mud and we still had to barrow it to our work site.

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Cambo Members’ Weekend

Having got over our initial disappointment that we weren’t going to be able to finish off the work on a retaining wall begun by Stuart McDonald and 8 apprentices on the Friday, there being no earth to fill in the bed and not enough stones for covers, we got started on a further section of the car park wall, lining up with the trainees’ section. 

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