MAY Camserney is well known to members for its enormous stone.  This time was no different and we had to struggle to move some enormous boulders, lining them up to make a stable base for the section in need to repair.

Luckily by Friday we had a team, with some muscle signed up, allaying my concern that Kate and I would be faced with this task alone.  Gregor, Ian, Bill and John aided by some great homemade soup ensured a good job was done. 

There are some massive boulders here!

Close up of one of the enormous stones.

Ensuring everything is in place.

Having completed the task my neighbours are having to rethink their plans as they were going to put a shed in front of our work, but they think it is too beautiful to hide!

JULY In July a merry trio of Gregor , John Dobson and myself took on the task of taking down and rebuilding an unstable section of wall, with big unpinned copes , and a cheek end by a gate all adjacent to a semi derelict peat shed. (Trish Waite)

The task – ‘gappy copes and generous crumble!’

Two thirds of the team poised for action.

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