Cambo Training Weekend

The second visit of the year to Cambo was the last of our Beginners Training Courses in Dry Stone Walling for 2018. 

Calum Williams, instructor for the event, led an enthusiastic group of nine trainees during a rather cold September weekend.

From ‘First Lift’ to ‘Copes’, below you can see the different stages of construction we teach on our beginners training course.

Calum welcomes the new trainees.


Setting the pins, ensuring they are the correct width top and bottom.


Setting the lines.


Laying the foundation stones under Kate’s watchful eye.


Good hearting in the foundations.


Moving towards the first lift.


First Lift


Discussing the first lift.


Health and Safety to the fore.


Second Lift


Preparing for the copes.


Setting the copes in place.


Almost done.


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