Cambo Members’ Weekend

Having got over our initial disappointment that we weren’t going to be able to finish off the work on a retaining wall begun by Stuart McDonald and 8 apprentices on the Friday, there being no earth to fill in the bed and not enough stones for covers, we got started on a further section of the car park wall, lining up with the trainees’ section. 

If truth be told some of us would have liked to have worked in the garden since we knew it would be warmer.  We did however manage to fit in a visit before beginning our task for the day.

Members view the retaining wall build round the flower bed.
Close up of retaining wall.
View across to the flower bed.
Autumn sunshine in the walled garden.
Beautiful autumn colours in the walled garden.

Cambo may be famous for its snowdrops, but the autumn garden is superb and well worth a visit.

Our visit complete it was time to get down to work.  Under Stuart’s guidance and once the trainees had fixed their lines we followed suit and started to build.  Large quantities of sandstone divided up according to quality had been provided by Cambo estate.  This made it easy to find suitable stone and the wall rose quickly to height.

Sue, Bob, John and Stuart stop for a photo shot.

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