Cambo Members’ Practice

The team sitting down at the end of day 1.

We were met with a fine day, not too warm, eight trusty wallers, and large amounts of nice stone looked out for us. A member of staff checked on our numbers for lunch, arranged as usual for 12.30, and another, a weekend volunteer who knew a bit about walling,  offered his services with a tractor for a short spell in case anything was needed. Gregor suggested moving some of the bigger stone down the wall a bit with the next stretch in prospect for September, and this was duly done. A good start!

Working together to solve a problem.

Work proceeded steadily. Your chairwoman took on the job of persuading those laying founds to incorporate the few very heavy round boulders – sacks much in evidence, thanks, ladies –  and soon it was piece-time. We had a look at the Cheshire branch mini walling kits, ordered with our Stonefest in mind, and decided they were perhaps too unlike our local stone to use.

Working along the wall.

A generous lunch set us up for the afternoon. Soup, sandwiches, cakes and fruit soon disappeared. Lady Erskine turned up to greet us and see how things were going –  as always, great to have an appreciative person to come and chat.

Making progress and still the sun continues to shine.

Not much coping was done- that’s still to do. And the weather broke just as we were finishing…

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