Burmieston Members’ Event

Final Stages of Coping.

Two days of wibbley, wobbley wall together with intermittent wet and steaminess, sums up our time at Burmieston. Supervised by Gregor we took down and widened a gap leading to a parking area.  This involved two cheek ends and a rebuild of two to three metres.  Once we’d finished this, we continued, on Day 2, to work on the repair begun last year.  This meant another cheek end as well as taking down quite a lot of unpinned rubble and tracey wall, producing, I hope, a robust rebuild. Six members attended over the course of the two days.

There’s more to do than we thought.

Re building a cheek end and fallen wall. Is Trish is planning to be built into the wall!

Sunday’s completed wall. Looks challenging stone.

Another finished image.

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