August 18th and 19th saw the branch walling at Burmieston in Perthshire.  This coincided with a cooler and on day two wetter moments in our amazing summer.

The site, old walls, around a farm and steadings was on a windy ridge and had a feeling of wild desolation mixed with ancient settlement.  Oliver and Keesje, the owners, have an on-going project, providing a venue for small events, seminars and 4 self-cater rooms with a well appointed kitchen, dining area. They aim to be as eco-friendly, sustainable and organic as possible. www.burmieston.co.uk 
Where do we begin.  Perhaps Taz can help?
We had a section of old wall to take down with very varied stone and rebuild to include a right angle turn toward a cheekend at the gate post.  The height was standard for stock. Members were assisted by Oliver and Renaud, a French ‘woofer’ (willing worker on organic farms) and a very attentive chicken.
We returned in early October to complete this section of the project.
Result at the end of the finishing day.
We may need more time next year, a prospect made all the more attractive by Keesje’s wonderful catering.

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