3rd – 4th June – Building a seat for the St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum

St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum is to be found in a 17th century house on North Street. We were delighted to be asked to build a seat in its award-winning garden.

Stuart McDonald led the project and a small number of members – just the right number- turned out to work there. Hidden behind high stone walls, the garden’s beautifully planted and full of interest. Our seat adds to several others which enable visitors to sit and contemplate. On the technical front, it was proving tricky on this sloping site to be sure the seat was level – the wall immediately behind it, not being constructed in regular courses was no help, but there’s an excellent ironmonger just round the corner with a good stock of spirit levels. On our second day there were many visitors enjoying watching us work. We also tidied up a stone edging around the area.

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