Boundary Wall in Dunkeld

It was lovely to return to Dunkeld to work on the boundary wall at Hamish and Ginny Carlton’s. This wall marks the line between their garden and the games park.  A few of us remembered being there exactly 10 years ago.

Concentrated effort in a small space

The stone isn’t the easiest to build with, being both round and extremely heavy and we were only able to work from one side of the wall.

Nearly finished

The section in need of most repair was short and under Jim Grant’s guidance the final copes were back in place by lunchtime.  There was just time to inspect further work needing done –  something for next year’s programme – before we sat down to a delicious soup and sandwich lunch.

The final result

Since the day was still ‘young’  Hamish and Ginny offered to take us to see ‘The Field’, a community initiative which aims to bring together the communities of Dunkeld and Birnam to grow organic food for local consumption.  The Field is set on a large piece of ground at the edge of the village and the produce is sold every Tuesday morning during the growing season.  Their hard work has certainly reaped rewards and many of the gardeners present were most impressed with the produce in the beds.


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