Blackruthven Training Course & Members’ Practice

The finished wall.

The Blackruthven Training course usually takes place at the end of July and proves to be very popular each year.  Perhaps it’s the hope of better summer weather (not always fulfilled) or  the central location or the possibly potential trainees have heard the stone is easy to lift and the built wall more likely to look good.

July 2019 was no exception with 14 people registering for the course.  That number included 6 women and 8 men.  Unfortunately two of the women had to drop out, but hopefully they will be able to register for a course next year. With such a large number we engaged the services of two instructors: the very experienced Jim Grant and our newest trainer, MartinTyler.  Martin has recently completed his instructor training and needs to work alongside a more qualified leader for the first few sessions.

Below is a snapshot of the trainees in action and the growing and completed wall.

Trainees lost among the stones. A long way to go!

Jim keeps a careful eye on work.

First lift – almost there!

Time for a well deserved break.

Cheekend looking good.

Final result on Sunday.

Close up with stepping stones. A great achievement.

Further along the old wall a few members were also busy at work.

Or were they?

Still no one in sight, but some progress has been made.

They’ve all gone for a tea break. Kate seems to be handing out some goodies!

Back to work, in the sunshine now.

The cheekend progressing.

The finished result.

Well not quite. Trish still needs to pin the copes.

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