13th – 14th May Inverbervie Heritage Garden

We were invited by Brighter Bervie to help create a dry stone feature wall for their new Heritage Garden project to mark the 675th anniversary of Inverbervie being granted Royal Burgh status by King David II in 1342.

The wall was to incorporate Bervie’s Coat-of-Arms, beautifully created in ceramic mosaic by commissioned artist Debbie Ryan. The wall and Coat-of-Arms would then complete a short sculpture trail around the Burgh along with two other pieces by Debbie, the Crown sculpture at the Seafront and the Lighthouse in the Voyage of Life Garden.

The smiles mask the apprehension caused by the size of the stone behind us

Led by Billy McCallum, the first order of business was to spread and sort the large pile of stone which had been brought down from a local farm.

It quickly became clear that the huge granite rocks were not the stone we had expected. However, the thing about huge rocks is that you need less of them to gain height, so not wanting to waste time, we set about manoeuvring the largest of these into position around the foundations to build around.

With the founds in place, the bervie Coat-of-Arms could be positioned and secured in the wall.

The Bervie Coat-of-Arms created by artist Debbie Ryan


Gaining height
The finished wall

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