South Mains Farm, Forfar – 12th – 13th Aug

South Mains farm was a first for the branch. Daan Kiezebrink was formerly a member of CSB, but other projects had come along – not least the farm itself, and he had not been able to keep walling. Now he and Kirsty find themselves owners of a farm with many metres of walls in need to repair and we were delighted when we were approached about helping.

It was good to work with easily manageable stone. I could even manoeuver the largest stones for the foundations into place without having to ask for help.

We managed to rebuild 5 metres of wall over the course of the two days.

It was lovely to have a visit from no longer active member Gordon Watson, who popped along from Glamis to see how the work was progressing.

The other highlights of the weekend were undoubtedly the wonderful catering provided by Kirsty and Daan, from morning coffee, through to lunch and even afternoon tea, most of it eaten outside in the sunshine, as well as seeing round the farm and hearing about their plans for the future. I hope we can go back next year.

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